Each of us has a finite amount of time on this wonderful planet. We don’t know how much time but we do know that it is finite. Once it has passed it can’t be replaced. So when volunteers give their time they are giving an irreplaceable, precious gift and we acknowledge it as such.

Our volunteers normally move on, as is in the nature of sailing and travelling folk. We wish them fair winds and safe passages and are looking forward to hearing about their new adventures but the legacy of their investment here remains and is continually appreciated.

We are always looking for new volunteers to add their ideas, skills and comaradie to our happy mix. Please contact us when you are in port or just come by our stand at the swap meets for a chat.


To keep a base of skills and culture have a core group of paid help, all of them locals.

Oswaldo was our trainee and has been with us from the start. Now he is our technician and can deal with most problems

Roberto is our English/Spanish translator. He is very proficient and makes running meeting with other organisations effortless.

Irene is a stand in translator, has some training in social work and good computer skils for marketing/fund raising.

Eric is our driver and uses his own four wheel drive truck, speakssome Q’echi and charges us not much more than the cost of the fuel.

They all only work on an ‘as needed’ basis.