Solar Lanterns

In three years we have delivered, explained and demonstrated, individually over 500 solar lanterns. Currently we have 50 in stock, tested, charged and ready to go. More are needed as we revisit villages to update our solar systems.
We still talk about Darren and Marissa Graffman, Derby, UK and the Marlborough Junior Women’s Club, Massachusetts and how their amazing donations helped us along this path.
The lanterns change lives. We have roughly only 12 hours of daylight in Guatemala. Given a solar lantern children in villages, way beyond the grid, can study in the evening, women can prepare food, men repair tools and handgrafts can be practiced.

A group of women who we had given lanterns to recently got stranded several miles from home after dark, it had taken longer than they had thought to sell their produce but they had thought to take their lanterns with them.  Thank you all on their behalf and please keep them coming.

While our main criteria for giving solar lanterns has remained the same,  i.e., when there is no school or clinic and two churches or a very small village, our practice has changed to reflect our changing ethos. We are sourcing lamps locally to supplement those donated and selling them to the villages subsidised by 50% on our cost but fostering ownership and self-respect.  Also we give solar lanterns to midwives or health workers and supply them for facilities away from our main installation like a clinic bathroom or community kitchen.