Ninety five percent of everything that has been achieved since starting Pass It On Guatemala in April 2015 is the result of recycling and passing resources from one community to another. This is a record we are very proud of.

Some donations passed on as they are. That includes solar panels, some batteries, many household items, apparel, bed linen and gifts given for a specific destination like the old folks home or for an emergency.

Other donations, like batteries too weak to use in the villages and boat items and apparel suited more to the boating community and life style we sell to raise cash.

The funds raised are used to buy all we need for the solar installations, apart from the panel and the battery, transport and locl help, Other funds are spent on normal running costs, helping Refugio Dulce, the old folks home, with repairs and similar projects.

As you look through our projects you will see how far we have made your donations go. It takes a community, all this was achieved by many people pulling together. It could not have been done without you. Initially Pass It On reveloved very much around the Rio Dulce community but word has spread and help is coming from places as far away as Canada and England.

Here are some photos of our fabulous swap meets: