Solar Lanterns

In just over two years we have delivered, explained and demonstrated, indivually, 156 solar lanterns. We have 48 lanterns tested, charged and ready to go, 1 box (12) in stock and 5 boxes (60) due to arrive any day.

Solar Lanterns 4

We would like to offer major kudos to Darren and Marissa Graffman, Derby, UK and the Marlborough Junior Women’s Club, Massachusetts for their amazing donations.

The lanterns change lives. We have roughly only 12 hours of daylight in Guatemala. Given a solar lantern children in villages way beyond the grid can study in the evening, women can prepare food, men repair tools and handgrafts can be practiced.

A group of women who we had given lanterns to recently got stranded several miles from home after dark, it had taken longer than they had thought to sell their produce but they had thought to take their lanterns with them.

I wish you could all see the faces of the villagers for yourselves.

Thank you all on their behalf and please keep them coming.

HELP us reach our goal: 500 Lanterns

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