Second Annual Report 2016/17

Details and photos of our work can be found on our wesite


Sponsored by MAR MARINE

Founder Members Julia Bartlett, Tim and Pamela Pennington

Daniel Pinto amd Rita Rabre

Four things we have been especially proud of this year:

There is no charge for volunteering with Pass It On Guatemala.

Our accounts are completely transparent for all to see.

The Solar Panel project is almost 100% funded by the recycling of surplus materials and goods from the boating community.

We welcome visitors to come and experience what we do first hand.

Addendums of facts and figures on the last pages of this report

Solar Projects

In our first year we made ten installations. During our second year we made 15 trips to the villages including up grading our first installation from 2 to 7 lights, adding fans and a bright light for minor surgeries in a clinic that serves 4,000 people. Some of the patients walk seven hours to get there and that puts our journeys, like the one above to La Nueva Nacimieto de Moxela, into perspective.
Our installation window was cut short this year by an extended rainy season making many tracks and rivers impassable.

We welcomed the members of six COCODES, village councils, here at Mar Marine which was fun, interesting and strengthened links between the boating community, Pass It On and the Mayan neighbors.

Solar Lantern Project

This started as a one per student idea to encourage study but has evolved, after feed back from the recipients, into one to every home in a village. We normally give the lanterns when a panel installation isn’t feasible.

Supported Projects

We have become more involved with the Refugio Dulce,
the neglected home for the elderly that we started visiting at the end of our first year. They desperately need help and it gave a focus to Pass It On during a prolonged rainy season this year while we weren’t able to get solar installations out. Above are the before and after photos of a dormitory. Since we started helping other groups have pitched in to help and slowly the atmosphere has changed to one of hope.

We were given a panel and a battery too small for a village project so we installed that in one of the volunteer accommodations at Casa Guatemala, a local children’s charity.

ODESI needs support but they are requesting food which something we don’t normally do so there has been less interaction this year.

We were approached in November by a fisherman and his two teenage sons looking for help to keep them in school past the 10th grade. You can follow this on our Facebook page Pass It On Guatemala Education.
This is not part of our remit so we agreed to help with publicity and translations but made no other undertakings apart from supporting them at the local Swap Meets. So far they have made the first three months and we are awaiting their evaluations from the school.

Emergency Aid

Pass It On is very happy to report that there has been no call for this during the past year.



Re-using and recycling

Education as a way out of poverty

Empowering through sharing clean technology


During our second year we have had 30 volunteers join us for differing periods of time in very varied roles. We have a special responsility when visiting remote communities to those villages and to each other.
Above is a photo of an orientation meeting. We can earn more money but our time once spent is spent, so a special thank you to all of you who gave your


We could do nothing at all without our donors. Whether you have given a dead battery, used bed linnen, a folding bike or your hard earned cash we have done all we can to make every quetzal count. 35Q buys a light bulb, 100Q buys a solar lantern and 5Q buys a roll of toilet paper for the old folks home. Many, many thanks.


We have taken 20 visitors to the villages and some have helped with the instillation and others have shared their photos and observations which will help us and other organasations in the future. Our visitors have also shared their good energy and have been fun which is enormously important.

Administration and Publicity

This year we lost some long term volunteers who have moved on to new adventures as sailors do. The gap has been filled, on a temporary basis at the moment, by paid local adhoc help. While happy to provide employment and training it is a significant financial investment amounting to Q12,000 or $1,600 US since October 2016.

Financial Accountability

We have adhered strictly to our policy of total financial transparency.
Our full accounts are always available on the Facebook page ‘Pass It On Guatemala Accounts’ and are updated every month.

Financial Status

We are now registered with the IRS in the USA as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt entity so that donations made to Pass It On Gatemala can be claimed for by USA tax payers on their IRS returns. Our Employer Identification Number is 81-1454988

Contact Us

Full contact information is available on our web page where you may also make donations. You can become a part of our community by joining our Facebook group ‘Pass It On, Rio Dulce’ no matter where you are in the world. You are very welcome to comment and we are always looking for inovative ideas.

Julia Bartlett, Director

Financial Returns Lifted Directly Fron Our IRS Returns for 2016

Total Income from contributions, gifts, grants and similar amounts received $8142

Expenditure on printing, publications, postage and shipping $460

Invested in Solar Lighting Systems in Community Buildings in villages with no access to the grid $3401

Invested in the provision of solar lanterns in every home in villages with a access to the grid $1956

Invested in support for local charities by both passing on items not relevant to our projects and by small donations $1709

Villages Assisted During Our Second Year

FINCA ICACAL 11th May 2016 (Luci Light pilot)

LA MARGARITA 16th May 2016

SE LIMONES 6th June 2016 (fix a problem)

SAN JUAN PACAYAL 25th June 2016

SAN TORTUGA 14th April 2016

JUAN DE PACAYAL 9th August 2015 (Solar Lanterns)

October 2016

Nov/7th December 2016

BLUE CREEK 5th December 2016 (49 Solar Lanterns)


SOCELA 2nd January 2017

BLUE CREEK 27th February 2017 (Solar Panel)

SERRANCH 19th March 2017 (Up date, 2 panels, 150 amh battery)

LA LLORONA 22nd March 2017

LA NEUVA ESPERANZA 27th March 2017

REFUGIO DULCE The Old Folks Home

We made 20 visits, volunteers contributed their own fares and some made specific donations. In general we concentrated on improving water availability, hygene and cooking facilities with some treats and fun especially at Christmas. If you would like to become a regular visitor or play music cards with with the residents please contact us.


Our sales team is the back bone of everything we do and they raised Q22,591 at the swap meets hosted by the marinas here and also Q12,540 at the auction hosted by Mar Marine.

Our thanks go to our Sponsor Mar Marine in many ways and to ALL our volunteers and donors far to numerous to mention by name. Please know that you are appreciated.