‘Pass It On’ First Annual Report 2015/16

Solar Projects

We put a solar lighting system for up to 5 LED lights and a facility to charge a cell phone in villages which are off the grid.  The system is installed in a community building to which the whole village has access.

In Guatemala we have about twelve hours of darkness so the lights help with medical emergencies, child birth, students’ homework, village meetings and celebrations.

During our first year we made ten installations recycling used panels and batteries, but using new wire, controllers, breakers, switches, sockets and bulbs. Each installation costs approximately Q1500. That’s Q15000 in total, $1850 US, most of this has been raised by our volunteers selling redundant items from the Rio Dulce community.

Luci Light Project

This project is intended for our second year, but we have already identified our pilot village of Finca Icacal which has no means for electricity.  The school has 24 students and each student will receive their own light. The lights will attach value to education and help with homework. Of course all the family will also benefit from the lights. 

Supported Projects

At Pass It On we believe in networking with other NGO’s and helping organizations and working together where it makes logistical sense. This first year we have sent thirty one bundles/sacks of aid to the ODESI Charity which cares for the impoverished frail and elderly and families with handicapped children in the Lanquin area.

We also have sent ‘comfort’ goods to a neglected home for the elderly, Refugio Dulce, and visited on two occasions.

A local children’s charity, Casa Guatemala Children’s Village, has a floating shop which services the boating community and Pass It On organized and helped fund a Bimini (canvas shade) for their boat to protect the workers from the mid day sun.

Life is tough on the frail and elderly in rural Guatemala. Photo by ODESI.

Emergency Aid

In August 2015 the Rio Trinco burst its banks and mud and water rushed though the villages of Sumach, Caimenes and several others.

The Rio Trinco bridge was months old when it was washed away.

The whole Rio Dulce community pitched in, a benefit was held and boaters and local residents pitched in with medicine, food and blankets.

Pass It On became a collection and sorting point.  It is going to take more than a few months for these small communities to recover, sadly.

About Us

PASS IT ON supports:

  • Re-using and recycling
  • Education as a way out of poverty
  • Empowering through sharing clean technology


During the year we have been very fortunate to have had 33 talented and hard working volunteers join us for periods of time. Some have also been generous donors but there is no charge for volunteering with us.

Pass It On is a community effort, each small cog does its bit and WOW we have a clock! Volunteers give us a precious and irreplaceable gift, their time.  We can earn more money, we can’t earn more time.

Administration and Publicity

The main investment during this first year has been our web page which has cost Q1040 (130US) and endless time and patience from our web master, which is priceless.

Financial Accountability

We strive for total transparency.  Our full accounts are published each month on the Facebook ‘Pass It On, Guatemala, Accounts’ page.

Contact Us

You can join our Facebook group ‘Pass It On, Rio Dulce’ to become a part of our community no matter where you are. You are welcome to comment and put forward ideas.

Julia Bartlett, Director.